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We offer top-quality BOPP adhesives, which are bestowed with several physical characteristics.  These high-performance and high-quality tapes can be used in extreme conditions. Main uses are shipping, heavy-duty carton sealing, inventory management etc.

Chemical Solvent

Solvents we deal in can be used for oil, dissolving paint, and grease. These are used for thinning or mixing pigments, glues, epoxy resins, pesticides, and paints. These assist in cleaning automotive parts, electronics and tools.

Fertilizer Chemical

Fertilizers we deal in are made to provide several additional nutrients to the plants. These have been made to improve the yield of a variety of crops. Supplied fertilizers can improve the fertility as well as texture of soil.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are widely used for aromatherapy. These function as complementary medicines, which can improve the overall health of users. The oils are apt for simple topical application and are used in spas and other places.

General Chemicals

General chemicals are pat for general and industrial use. These chemicals are used to make paints, glues, solvents, inks, plastics, cosmetics, soaps, adhesives, etc. Also, these are used to make plastics, nylon, resins, rubbers, dyes, detergents, lubricants drugs, and synthetic fibers. Supplied additives allow for an industrial production of several chemicals. Industrial chemicals supplied by Ashish Impex, are also added in pharmaceutical drugs of different types. All chemicals of the range have different properties and uses. We ensure that they have pure and precise formulation. These have no toxic materials and can be safely used in all industries.